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Aspen Camp - Bill

Promote this program! It's the best I've had in 40 years of skiing!

Aspen Camp - Andreas

If you're really intent and committed to become a great, confident skier, give this opportunity a try. For me, it's no longer an opportunity; it's a privilege. I gave up skiing a decade ago after years of frustration and unnecessary body wear and tear, along with a number of zero-value-added standard clinics and classes. A few years ago, I decided to give skiing one more shot and was blessed to come across John's program. Besides being a wonderful person in all ways, John has transformed my skiing in the course of three years into a level I had only dreamed and envied of during my youth. My ski buddies no longer recognize me... nor keep up with me!"

As far as expanding the scope of instructor training, John's ideas
(even from the little that I have read and seen in previews) are near and dear to my heart. The fact that I grew up watching and hearing about John probably gives me an extra kick as well. I just took and passed my level II part I skiing exam. Two of the three examiners passed me. Luckily that is enough to pass. The examiner who did not wrote this "Allen, Turn entry displays a 1-2 movement due to the hold of downhill ski." If that's not what John's talking about I don't know what is. John's emphasis on tipping the downhill ski utilizing the uphill edge and eliminating the dreaded stem is so poignant for me. For someone coming from an era when skiing and technique was very different grasping these pivotal concepts has been very challenging. John's concepts and ideas are so clear. He seems determined that if you have a desire to get it he's going to make sure you do !! I can only imagine how much other instructors would appreciate John's methods not only to improve their skiing but that of their students as well. Again from even the little I have seen in previews John's concepts are so right on, so to the point I think instructors who are always looking for better ways to communicate these concepts will just soak this stuff up.

Ironically, I stumbled onto John's programs and wealth of knowledge while scouring you tube for instructional material. Under "skiing history" I found the video of you guys with Lito Tejada-Flores. The irony of course is the "history" part. Whereas John has a long and distinguished history in the sport of skiing and he was at the leading edge of a wild and developmental period in skiing history, he is any thing but history. His ideas are clear and fresh and cutting edge and well, exciting !!

Aspen Camp - Yale

Greetings Team Clendenin, I had the pleasure of joining the group for a few runs on the 15th and must say, I was very impressed with the message and method. Having competed as a pro Mogul skier, I have seen many ways of teaching the fine art of navigating the moguls, but John's iteration was as good as it gets. I was lucky enough to have had the pleasure of his coaching early in my skiing career and I consider John's early input to be strength of my foundation. Moguls are mental, tools are necessary, confidence is critical. John grows all three, with half his brain tied behind his back!!!"

Aspen Camp - Allen

Of everything, I was most impressed by the care you and your staff have put into developing the Clendenin Ski Method. I've run enough programs in my own career to know that a successful result requires a huge amount of work upfront that the client never sees. It's clear to me that you and your staff have put in this effort, and it shows in the Camp experience. You have developed an integrated, teachable, and most importantly, a learnable program that will greatly benefit any skier willing to put in the necessary effort in their own behalf.

As an aside, I was up on my local mountain a few days before Christmas in a storm that had dumped 8-10 inches of powder on the slopes. I'd always had trouble initiating the turn in this much powder, and now I know why: the stem don't work in powder! But touch and tip worked great! I found myself entering turns effortlessly and blasting down the trail having so much fun that I totally forgot my intention to spend some time working on the Keys and just gave myself up to the joy of the conditions that day. It was one of my best ski days ever, and it wouldn't have happened without my Camp experience.

Aspen Camp - Ron

I wanted to tell you that skiing with you in your mogul academy was one of my best days ever on the slopes. The Clendenin Ski Method is truly a simple, yet highly effective tool that will catapult anyone's skiing to the next level. Anyone, at any level or age looking to gain invaluable skills to master bumps, crud, powder and more should look no further than the Clendenin method.

Aspen Camp - George

When you are retired, 65 and ski at least 70 days a year, it's important that you continue to improve. I enjoy all kinds of skiing--on mountain, back country, Masters racing, hele, telemark--and I go to a Clendenin clinic every year because it helps me so much with all of them. And, John's clinics are for skiers of any skill level. My daughter and her husband--she is a superb skier and he is a fully certified IMGA guide-- are flying in this winter to attend a January clinic, even though they moved from Aspen to Tahoe this year. There's only one Ski Doctor in the US.

Aspen Camp - John

I've had many ski lessons in the past, and felt like a decent skier. After the camp however, I know what I was missing. Because I was a 100% "big toe" skier, my legs were constantly exhausted. I started doing leg exercises in August to prepare for ski season. No matter how much I exercised, I could only ski for 3-4 hrs before my quads began to scream for rest. By using your method I can ski all day and still be ready for more!

The greatest change is in the skiing itself. I feel like I'm gliding now instead of sliding. I also can ski powder now. I understand what people say that it feels like floating on the snow. It's awesome. Before your camp I might as well have taken off my skis instead of skiing through moguls. Now I can ski them! I'm not going to break any speed records, but I'm not terrified like I used to be.

Aspen Camp and Gold Plan Lessons - Lou & Dena

After three straight years of clinics - every year we have improved our skills, learned new tricks, met and made new friends, and last but not least, are amazed and enchanted by Mr. Clendenin's skills, instructions, and endearing personality and a World Class Skier!

See you next year, same time, same place for our next level of improvement.

Aspen and Park City Camps - Mike

I have taken several Clendenin Method camps at Aspen and Park City. The quality of camps at Park City is equal to Aspen. It is fun to have a camp with a "change of location". The ease of getting to and from the airport is a plus for Utah. At a lower altitude, the acclimatization is also easier.

Park City Camps

Park City – Bruce
Fantastic trip. Park City has great terrain that is very suitable for the CSM. I would highly recommend the Park City camp to anyone that is interested in improving their skiing.”

Park City Camp – Gary
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your February, 2014 Clinic in Park City.
I have been skiing for 39 years and I developed an early passion for this exhilarating sport. Despite many group and private lessons in many upscale ski resorts I have never accomplished a breakthrough. Many of the techniques that the instructors tried to instill
into me were impossible tasks such at “pushing your shins against the front of the boot orfacing down the fall line at all times all the while keeping the knees bent and the posture erect”. I felt more like the Cirque du Soleil than skiing. None of these techniques felt natural. I have tried to watch the great skiers but I could never decipher the secret to their techniques.

However, after 3 days in your clinic I finally made that long sought after breakthrough. Your techniques made complete sense and were simple to master. My skiing ability has been transformed and I now have an even greater enthusiasm to enjoy this wonderful sport. Your designation of the “epiphany pad” should be renamed the “orgasmic pad”. Your “keys to the kingdom” should be renamed “the keys to paradise”.

You are a master. I will forever be grateful. I hope to see you next year
at Park City.

Park City Camp – Bobbi
As much as I love the camps in Aspen, doing a CSM camp in Park City offers a great chance to experience a difference in terrain, coaches and the town. The Park City Resort provides good opportunities to practice the “Keys to the Kingdom” on progressively challenging terrain. I highly recommend a Park City camp to anyone – those that have taken camps at other resorts or have never taken one at all. Valuable lessons will be learned that will substantially improve your ski experience.

Park City Camp – Francois
I did not want to let this week pass without sending you and your team-Jon D, Scotty and the gentleman from RealSkier – my sincerest and profoundest gratitude for the excellence of the Park City Camp which I was fortunate to have attended last weekend. So much learned, so much gained in so little time. A real tribute to you, your experience and your method.. I am not a person much given to praise or exuberant gratitude (ask my children and grandchildren) so this type of note does not come easy for and therefore means all the more. O that I were 50 years younger and could start my ski life over with the wisdom of what you taught me last weekend… You know, it is reported that on his death bed G.B.Shaw, when asked the person from his life he would most miss, replied:”” The man I could have been””. Thanks again for helping me realize I don’t have regret the skier I could have been but even at my age can look forward the skier I can yet become.

To finish this already too lengthy epistle, I just wanted to tell you that today I had my first true Backcountry ski experience in the Idaho wilderness- exhausting, switchbacking climbs withe skins and all that…The descents were down sometimes steep terrain, in trees, on variable crud, ice and powder conditions. And as for the downhill part I just kept repeating to myself: “” Commit you p….., and “”TWITCH TO THE LOVE SPOT””. And it worked! Not a single fall and speed control to boot. The KEYS TO THE KINGDOM are really all mountain gate openers! So Thanks again and warm regards.”

Park City Camp – Kevin
Thought I would offer a follow up to last week’s camp. First off, camp was a lot of fun. Johnny C and Sweet Jonny D were a great team of instructors and the constant rotation of coaching, humor, general discussion on skiing and the state of mankind made for a fantastic experience.

I must admit that after 40+ years of skiing and the advertisement that everything I knew about skiing was wrong had me somewhat pessimistic about what CSM could really offer. Happy to report my pessimism was greatly misplaced. In the end, aching knees and a fragile back, not to mention a persistent buddy who really wanted to go, led me to take the chance on a CSM camp. I will be forever glad I did.

A recent golf school sent me home with excellent fundamentals and swing tools that only took me a full summer to integrate into my game (unconscious competence). After day one of CSM camp, I was hoping for the same result – after a season of repetitive drills, maybe I would get most of it. By the end of day three and the following day of free skiing without the guidance of the dueling Johnnys to keep us mindful of the “”Keys””, my buddy Chris I marveled at the difference in our respective abilities to employ the Keys to some of most serious mogul slopes Park City has to offer (Hoist and Thanes in particular). Not only were the Keys available to us immediately, but we ended our fourth consecutive day of skiing with gas left in the tank, another pleasant change from ski trips in recent years.

Yesterday I ventured to my local ski hill that has been starved for new snow for over ten days. After a couple of warm-up runs practicing the Keys, I decided to head for the signature mogul run (see attached). Over the past several years, I have limited myself to three mogul runs a day as a rule of thumb to keep the back and knees in one piece and because the “”Wild Pony Ride”” is not that much fun and somewhat embarrassing under the chair lift. Twenty-two non-stop runs later I headed for home after the late shadows iced the hill up. Happy to report there were no Pony Rides yesterday, no embarrassment, and frankly the best mogul day I can ever remember having. With the Keys in hand (both conscious and unconscious competence already!), it was a day of controlled skiing, epiphany pad dominance, drifting, scraping, and picking (and changing!) the lines that I wanted.

When I left Park City, I didn’t think pulling the uphill ski back to shorten the turning radius would really be something I could use in the moguls (not enough time to mentally engage in a desperate time of need). Hah! Wrong again. “”Tightening the unit”” was a “”Key”” feature of my day. The opportunity to look back to the next turn allowed me to pick the line, instead of the hill dictating it. First time ever I realized there were choices in the moguls. A little tail set here and there, definitive pole plant to initiate the twitch, allowing perpendicular mass the create the weight migration all worked as advertised and were shockingly easy to integrate into continuous turns down the hill. I skied most every run non-stop. The day was virtually “”thump-less””.

The last day of camp at our morning “”epiphany session”” you asked each of us to reflect on how the Keys were impacting our skiing so far. My response was that in the past, even when skiing really well, the eyes were fully dilated and there was a freight train whistle going off in my head bracing for the next unexpected event that will toss balance and rhythm into chaos. The Keys were allowing me to ski in this bubble of calm, slowing the world down to where confidence allowed me to deal with what comes when it shows up. The bubble appears to be a permanent addition to my skiing. The back of the mind worry about “”what’s next”” just doesn’t exist anymore. CSM works, works like nothing else I’ve learned in the last 40 years, and leaves this veteran body in one piece and ready for another great day on the hill.

Thanks John for a fun camp, great lessons and a gift that should keep me onthe hill for another 25 years or so, which is just what I wanted. I look forward to skiing with you again.

Park City Camp – Chris
John, I also enjoyed the time we spent together and the excellent instruction. Couldn’t have asked for better conditions to learn the new technique. I would like to reiterate what Kevin said about being calmer and feeling so much more in control of my destiny. Many of the movements are still not second nature and require constant thought, but I’m sure that in time they’ll become more automatic. The improved efficiency in my skiing was really apparent in the ability to ski all day on Saturday with Kevin and feel like my legs would have been ready to go the next day. Thanks again for the great camp and the new lease on life you’ve injected into my skiing. I hope we’re able to cross paths again soon.

Portillo Camps

Park City and Portillo Camps – Andreas
I’m getting ready for my third CSM camp with John in Park City, Utah. The convenience of a direct flight and the easier acclimatization at the lower elevation makes this destination a winning choice for a Sunday skier such as myself. John’s passion and devotion to get you to become a master of the mountain is a divine gift… matched by no other instructors I have ever met, except perhaps for his own hand picked coaches. Don’t miss this transformational opportunity of a lifetime, then follow up with a fantastic “”fine tuning”” camp in Summer in Portillo Chile, to break up the long wait between ski seasons!”

Portillo Camp – Chris
I learned more in one day of skiing with you and your staff than I have in 25 years of skiing. Your method combined with the expertise and attitude of you staff is unsurpassed. It allowed me to acquire the techniques to ski steep bumps anywhere in a short period of time. I had tried in the past to teach myself how to ski bumps to no avail. It would always end up with utter frustration, bruises, and no desire to continue to try. To put it in another light it was like what Mike Tyson said during an interview before an up coming fight, “Everybody’s got a plan until you get hit.” You and your team, with its very hands on approach showed me and others exactly how to handle conditions that you might not always plan for in skiing. By pushing us to the edge of our comfort zone with your new techniques it allowed me to surpass the old comfort zone and move into a new level competence and confidence.

Steamboat Camps

Steamboat Camp – Bob
I enjoyed the camp immensely. I came out of it feeling like I had a new understanding of skiing.

I am continuing to work on the Keys and am improving in my execution of them.
Overall, I feel much more centered and in control. Moving my weight distribution from my forefoot to an even balance along the entire length of my foot has improved my balance and centering. I’m continuing to try to feel my feet better and through them to sense my edges and even the flats of my skis. As a result, I feel like I am more able to use subtle, soft edges and drifting more effectively. I have lengthened my poles from being quite short to standard length in an attempt become more upright and “relaxed” per your recommendations.

I have watched the Killy video several more times and I can see that I still have lots and lots of room for improvement. I look forward to coming back next year to see if I take another step forward.