Testimonials - Gold Plans & Sessions with John

Gold Plan

Gold Plan Lesson – Bob
I now wish I had taken my training from John much earlier in my skiing career. Techniques espoused by John (and for which he has developed easy-to-grasp methods for learning) greatly improve independent foot action and instill a heightened awareness of where pressure builds under the soles of the feet.”

Gold Plan Lessons – Greg
Thank you for a welcoming atmosphere, a well-organized program, and an exceptional value in skiing instruction! I couldn’t believe the degree of personal attention and hours spent on the hill for the price, as well as a totally new way to “”be”” on the hill and approach this sport. I was skeptical at first, but I am now convinced and having fun with it.

Gold Plan Lessons – Gary
Through our skiing career, we have SO struggled with speed in the bumps that we always felt out of control. This inability to cope with bumps shut done much of the mountain for us. We wanted to find a way to play in more terrain and feel in control. Finding John Clendenin was a gift. His teaching method made absolute sense every step of the way. My wife and I improved so rapidly I wished we had met him 20 years ago. John has become a lifelong friend and our All-Mountain Skiing Guru. For time to time we see him again for tune ups to polish the skills that have so helped us find more pleasure all over the mountain. The positive feedback from John and staff along with the ease of applying his technique have been well worth it without a doubt. It’s the best out there for sure!”

Gold Plan Lessons – Brian
After skiing privately with you for the last few years I knew this trip was going to be great for my family but it exceeded even my expectations. The kids and Lori loved Mark and they learned a tremendous amount. By the time we left, my 6 year old was blazing down blues with moguls with ease, my wife had been able to put it all together with Marks help and really elevate her skiing and my 10 year old was skiing the entire mountain with me including as many double black and 2 black extremes in the cirque and headwall as we could get to. She even made me take a trip over to Aspen to do some of the harder runs including Silver Queen. With the fundamentals in place there was nothing we couldn’t do. I thank you and your staff for giving me and my family the gift of being able to ski together for the rest of our lives. It is priceless.

There is no doubt in my mind that the methods you teach and strategies you employ are the best, fastest and most scalable way for anyone to learn how to ski the whole mountain. It is a practical, methodical and easily understandable sequence that builds on itself. I mean this sincerely. Please feel free to use me as a reference and I would be happy to speak personally or answer email if they are not convinced. If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know and I will make it happen.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to seeing you next year.

The Method

The Method – George
Had to write to tell you it’s happening for me like it has for everyone else. Been skiing Tahoe this year where conditions in my last 12 go outs have varied from 2 feet to ice. Finally the off piste is approaching my realm of competence. I’m not there yet but your method is making the journey possible. I have a flow and control that I haven’t been able to achieve before (many lessons, many books). And the amazing thing is it’s pretty effortless. I ski all day and I’m not even tired. The Keys are FUN to practice, especially on days when conditions aren’t the best, making every day on the mountain a good one. I am actually looking forward to more “interesting” terrain now. It’s really liberating to look at the mountain and see possibilities rather than obstacles. (I’m getting carried away now.) Still have work to do but there is steady progress. Some day I’d like to come to Colorado and take your course. That would be the ultimate confirmation. Until then I think I’ll go work on my “Passive Release.”.

Sessions with John

Sessions with John – Gerry
My ambition has always been to become an “all-terrain” vehicle on the slopes. My problem was that I was getting old, my knees were a painful mess, and I felt a like a spastic geek in the bumps. Then I met Clendenin and learned his method. Now I am skiing a hundred days a year, virtually pain free and my wife is no longer embarrassed to ski with me. John and the Clendenin Ski Method get my vote, why not give it a try.

Sessions with John – Craig
You are not a ski doctor, you are a ski savior!! Worked on some of the turns on Saturday and WOW!!!! I will keep working on the drills daily. It really did change my skiing style but more importantly the ability. Bumps are now my friend. Look forward to doing it again.

Sessions with John – Jeff
Just wanted to let you know your ski lesson keeps on giving. Since our day in December I have been skiing the runs I have been skiing for years. I really experience a significant difference in the way I’m skiing those bumps. I know all four elements (touch, tip, drift and center) are essential but since the lesson I have to rank the touch (hands ready and properly planting the pole) as #1. It sets everything else in motion or more specially in RHYTHYM. With the poles, I feel I have a choice…..plant them properly and go with gravity or don’t plant them properly and fight gravity. I’m still working/being conscious on the tipping or flattening of the ski as I initiate my turns. Thanks again for a fabulous day. The better I ski the more fun I have.