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Tough Love Movement Analysis

My first “Tough Love” video was fantastic! You continue to help me make strides in my skiing I never thought possible!Sean Carrothers
Sean Carrothers
"Go to the bank and get whatever you need to get your own Tough Love MA. It’s that good."
Gerry Goldstein
Gerry Goldstein
"I found my Tough Love Movement Analysis to be as valuable as any private lesson I’ve ever taken."
Peter Watkins
Peter Watkins
“I swear to God. I think I’ve already fixed it. I’ve fixed it in my brain.”   [After watching her Tough Love video a few times]
Christine Goldstein
Christine Goldstein


Movement Analysis

What is a Tough Love

Movement Analysis Video

Tough Love Movement Analysis Example

John, I have to admit my first view of the video was with my hands over my eyes while peeking through my fingers. I felt greatly encouraged tho since there was some good, some bad, and a bit of ugly but all in all I feel encouraged to keep at it. I can definitely see the validity of committing  my core in the bumps - something I look forward to working on. Thank you for your comments - very, very helpful.

Ed Mygland

Why We Call It Tough Love

Clendenin Method coaches are trained to "tell it like it is." Your coaching will be straight forward and direct with what steps you need to get to your next level. CM clients discover that Tough Love gets them to the next level faster.

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