John Clendenin

  • John Clendenin
    John Clendenin

    Two-time world freestyle champion and founder of the Ski Doctors and the Clendenin Ski Method brand. He has taught skiing since 1977 and has Level III PSIA certification. John is a 15-year member of the PGA and coaches golf in the beautiful Aspen summers.

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Aspen Coaches

  • Mark Borderick
    Mark Borderick

    From Australia, has been teaching skiing for 30 years in Aspen, Canada, Europe, and Australia. He has Level III certification in skiing and Level II in snowboarding and has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 5 years. With a love for off-piste, bumps, and powder, Mark has a special interest in reaching breakthroughs with his clients. He’s also a professional photographer and has been responsible for many of the photographs in the CSM Book.

  • Peggy “Piglet” Harris-Foster
    Peggy “Piglet” Harris-Foster

    Has been teaching skiing and snowboarding for 11 years in Aspen. She has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 5 years and has PSIA Level II certification in both skiing and snowboarding. During her spare time, Piglet plays in the wilderness – kayaking, mountain biking, etc.

  • Steve Henley
      Steve Henley

      With Level III certification in skiing, has been teaching skiing for 23 years in Aspen with a season in Chamonix, France. He has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 6 years. A North Carolina boy, Steve is undoubtedly the best mogul skier to come out of America’s deep south. He prefers a no-nonsense approach with focus on fundamentals that matter in the bumps and steeps. During the off-season, Steve grows Christmas trees.

    • Lisa Heininger
        Lisa Heininger

        Has been teaching in Aspen for more than 30 years. She has PSIA Level III certification in skiing and has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 6 years. During the off-season, Lisa teaches sailboarding on Torch Lake in Michigan.

      • Larry Macintyre
          Larry Macintyre

          Has Level III certification in skiing and snowboarding. He has taught in Aspen for 12 years and has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for the past four. Larry is a phenomenal caterer and kayaks and dives and…

        • Chino Martinez
          Chino Martinez

          Our host for the Portillo camps. After instructing all day on the mountain, he serves as “Director of après ski” in Portillo. He has taught skiing for 25 years and has full certification in the United States and Argentina. Chino has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 15 years.

        • Crystal Newton
          Crystal Newton

          Serves camp manager for the Portillo trip and works on the Clendenin Ski Method book, DVD, and website. She has been teaching skiing for 12 years in Aspen and Pennsylvania. With full certification and trainer’s accreditation in adaptive skiing, she specializes in skiing for people with disabilities. She has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method for 3 years.

        • Susan Saghatoleslami
            Susan Saghatoleslami

            Directs the snowboarding program for Ski Doctors. Having taught snowboarding in Aspen for 20 years, she has Level III certification. Susan also is the office manager for the Ski and Board Doctors

          • Andrew Aldercotte
            Andrew Aldercotte

            Andrew Aldercotte was born in Montreal, Canada and first learnt to ski in Morin Heights, Quebec. Since then he has worked as a ski instructor at Kirkwood, Heavenly and Sierra-at-Tahoe in California, Portillo in Chile, and is now in his fourth season at Aspen. An avid bump skier, he first became aware of the Clendenin method via John's camps in Portillo. He is PSIA Alpine Level III certified and currently pursuing his BASI Level 3 qualification.

          Regional and International Coaches

          • Jeff Berger
              Jeff Berger

              has been a PSIA certified Level III instructor for over 40 years. He’s taught in many ski schools including Courchevel, France, and Stowe, Vermont.  Jeff joined Team Clendenin in 2014 as a coach in Portillo, Chile and Val d’Isere, France.  He shares the CM passion of helping clients improve with a straight forward approach, focusing on skill development, making it easier for all, to ski the whole mountain and have more fun! In the off-season, Jeff lives in Burlington Vt. and spends his summer primarily on the golf course.

            • Rich Harrison
                Rich Harrison
              • I.J. FIsher
                  I.J. FIsher

                  I.J. Fisher has been teaching skiing for 20 years in Steamboat.  The patriarch of a skiing family, he is one of 4 PSIA Level III certified instructors in his dynasty and loves skiing the trees with three generations.  Before following their children to CO in the 90’s, he and his wife raised Christmas trees in Pennsylvania.   During Steamboat summers, IJ enjoys mountain biking, rafting, and gardening.

                • Bosse Landberger
                  Bosse Landberger

                  From Sweden, Bosse has been teaching skiing since 2006 in Sweden. He has the Swedish Level III certification in skiing  and has been certified in the Clendenin Ski Method in Portillo Chile 2014. With an absolute  love for off-piste and powder, Bosse travels around the world to find the White Gold. Bosse has his own ski Clothing Brand, eight ten.

                • Gerard “Chip” Shevlin
                    Gerard “Chip” Shevlin

                    has been teaching skiing full time at Steamboat for twenty years. A Level III certified instructor, Chip enjoys teaching bump, powder and tree skiing techniques. As a part owner of a powder cat, he also loves to escape to Steamboat’s back country for untracked powder skiing. Chip was voted “Best of the ‘boat” ski instructor in both 2013 and 2014. Staying fit in the off seasons is centered around mountain and road biking.