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Our Mission

“...to introduce skiers safely to the joys of all-mountain skiing”

The Four Words™

My “Tough Love” video is fantastic! I saw myself in slow motion and the narrative and highlights you pointed out became crystal clear. It has made my time working on my own so much more productive.

You continue to help my skiing in ways I never thought possible!

Sean Carrothers

What is Tough Love?


Tough Love is a new Clendenin Method (CM) membership program.

Clendenin Ski Method is for Everyone


John’s , private Gold Plans, and Ski Simulator have an international reputation for developing solid technique for skiers of all levels.


In Clendenin Camps, each small group starts on groomed snow with the Keys to the Kingdom™.


The ‘Keys’ are basic exercises creating muscle memory and confidence in the fundamentals for great skiing. With a simple, yet strong, technical foundation, campers then proceed at their own pace, advancing in terrain only when they chose.


Why The Four Words™


Hi John,
The Clendenin Method revolutionized my skiing as well as the way I think about technique. Now I have the tools to take myself out of the intermediate rut. I am no longer exhausted at the end of the day and can venture into terrain I've never dared to previously, and with NO anxiety. Your efforts have extended my ski life, and you can't put a price on that.

With grateful appreciation for your expertise, diligence and patience I remain sincerely yours,
Burt Cohen

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