Clendenin Ski Method: Finding the Love Spot™


I have to be honest–I stole the Clendenin Ski Method (CSM). The method was taken from watching and studying great skiers like Jean-Claude Killy, Stein Eriksen, Jonny Mosley, Andy Mill, Bode Miller, and Lindsey Vonn. One basic flaw separates most skiers from great skiers.

We may look good on groomed terrain, but as soon as we get into bumps or any place on the mountain that raises the hair on the back of our neck, all hell breaks loose. After a few turns we start fighting for control and look bad doing it.

The basic flaw that causes these problems begins at the start of a new turn–in the transition. As soon as we feel angst or fear, we instinctively step into our turns–we stem. A step or stem moves a ski out of center. “When a ski is out of center, bones do not align, knees and backs are stressed, and we look bad ‘cause we missed the Love Spot. The stem is the ‘Skiers Flu’ because so many have it and don’t know it.”

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The initial focus of the CSM is to correct this flaw at turn initiation. When this instinctive habit is corrected, magic begins. Graduates control speed with aligned bones, skiing is easier, less tiring, and looks a whole lot better.

Our DVD starts with the One-Day Lesson where a couple of boomers go from groomers to black diamond bumps in one enchanting day. You will see the CSM Keys cure their ‘flu’. Cured, both start floating through the “Love SpotTM” – skiing smooth, confident, and controlled in black diamond bumps.

“One-Day” is followed by six additional segments. All the segments begin with a 2-minute Key to the Kingdom sequence aired on national television. Each introduction presents a bit of freestyle history with an educational slant. The educational slant is then enhanced with lesson footage demonstrating the simple CSM key for ownership.

When we float in the Love Spot™, we begin to dance with gravity. Our bones are stacked; we have control; skiing is easier, safer, and we finally look good flying in the Kingdom.

Love Spot: n–1) the moment of rapture in skiing, 2) a fleeting, edgeless moment in a ski turn experienced by all great skiers and the rest of us, who do not step, stem, or hop into a turn, 3) the spot where becoming begins.