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Clendenin Method:

Four Words for Great Skiing

The Clendenin Method book and teaching methodology evolved purely from survival. When I arrived back in Aspen fourteen years ago, I was nearly run over by out-of-control skiers on more than a few occasions on groomed runs. I realized if I were to survive in this mountain paradise, I better get myself and students to the part of the hill where only 20% of skiers go, off-piste. My background as a world champion freestyle mogul skier didn’t hurt my quest.

The next challenge was to develop a teaching system that was simple and functional for every level of skier and would allow students and instructors alike to utilize the same movements to safely ski the whole mountain.

As my hero and friend Jean-Claude Killy once said: “the way to become a great athlete is to study them” made sense to me. I decided the Clendenin Ski Method would be modeled after the technique all great skiers in all disciplines have used forever.

The technique based on 4 words -- DRIFT, CENTER, TOUCH, and TIP -- is utilized by all accomplished Alpine, Telemark, Freestyle, and Extreme skiers as well as our 5- to 85-year-old students.

A must-read for all Clendenin Ski Method students
– John Bersani, camper 2004, 2007

In the book we study and share in great detail, the enemy of all skiers, the dreaded stem turn. I call it the skier’s flu. Once cured, most anyone, any age can safely learn to dance on the whole mountain.

While writing the book I shared drafts with old colleagues whom I humbly say endorse the book: Stein Eriksen, Jonny Mosely, Glen Plake and Aspen legend Cal Cantrel, I thank you.

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