The DVD . Testimonials

Gary Cassara
…The video is fun, instructive, demonstrates how beautiful and flowing Clendenin’s ski method is. Get the book if you’re not a visual learner. Better yet, get both and your skiing will advance as mine did. The easiest ski technique to apply for all mountain conditions.

Bobbi Teliska
For anyone who is serious about improving their skiing, the first steps are to read the book “Four Words for Great Skiing” and watch the video “Finding the Love Spot”. These provide the foundation on which one can build to see significant improvement in their ability to ski bumps and in off-piste conditions. The next step is to do a clinic in one of John Clendenin’s camps where you can practice the drills and receive instruction from experts in the Clendenin method. It will take some time and effort, but when it all comes together, it’s magical.


I can personally attest to the effectiveness of this method. My skiing has improved dramatically since taking CSM clinics. I am now totally comfortable on steep bump runs. It’s such a joy to be able to ski all over any mountain in all kind of conditions. I use the DVD and the book to keep me “on my game” and not go back to old habits learned by taking traditional ski lessons for about 30 years The Clendenin method is unique in that it is just that – a method that can be built upon as you progress. It’s not a series of tips that are given willy-nilly as in traditional ski schools.


Lynn Goldsmith
Though it may seem to some that this DVD is a "disorganized" teaching, I think that with repeated watching it really holds together as one of the best instructional videos for skiing, especially for moguls. I also think the DVD is a powerful learning tool when you also have the book. If you are lucky enough to get into one of the clinics, which I have, it brings it all together. I am 63 years old and now I am skiing the steep and deep with confidence and in control. I never thought that would be possible.
I also have to say that my back is really happy that I now actually know how to ski the bumps with the drift instead of the "bang" - highly recommend this for any level of skier! Thank you John Clendenin

DVD Comments

Charlynn Porter
I had avoided skiing the moguls for 30 years. I took one Clendenin Clinic and afterwards people that saw me ski didn't realize I was the same person skiing I had improved so much. The DVD reinforces the keys to skiing the bumps in control. I now ski with skiers of better ability but I am able to manage the bumps better than they can because I learned speed control. I think John Clendenin's method makes skiing the bump safer plus more fun. I don't worry about hurting my knees. The DVD shows all the keys to skiing the bumps better and in control.

Michael Simmons
I have beaten myself to death in mogul camps for over 20 years. It was not until I took a Clendenin Ski Method camp did my off piste and mogul skiing really start to gel. If you want to manage mogul skiing and off piste skiing safely with style and grace, I highly recommend this book and DVD. They are clear concise and simple to follow the sequence.

Andreas Staub
To the earlier distressed and dismayed reviewers: do not despair. The art of all-mountain skiing takes practice and patience. This video, whose author is a former World Champion in skills which combined aerial jumps, ballet on skis and naturally-shaped bumps of any size, contains a set of carefully selected segments which open our awareness to concepts and subtleties somewhat incomprehensibly overlooked or ignored in traditional ski schools. Will it turn you into the next champion in just one or two viewings? Of course not. But it is one great piece of a larger educational ensemble. I'm not sure why Amazon does not automatically link this video with its companion book in the suggestions section, but it should. The companion book, "Clendenin Ski Method: Four Words for Great Skiing," is an indispensable complement to the DVD. The book teaches in detail much of the technique and subtleties used in great skiing. The video puts it all together visually from turn to turn. Watch Coach John skiing over and over to be inspired. Then study the book to understand the subtleties, or be at risk to learn by imitation.

Ruth Ronick
Having skied almost my entire life all over Europe and the States the only thing that eluded me were moguls especially on steep runs . After taking one John Clendenin ski clinic and watching his video I felt like someone had given me the key and unlocked the entire mogul mystery . I believe his method of teaching is unique and one of the best anywhere in the world . I would highly recommend his clincs and videos to any level skier that is serious about improving . Thank you John.